Yes that’s right I’m blogging about blogs. You see I’ve been hearing about this phenomenon for a few years now, I have followed quite a few blogs for years, and even tried blogging and basically failed — I’m sure nobody wants to know why, but I don’t care so here I go.

What makes blogging difficult for me is that I have a few nagging doubts in my mind like:

  • What I’m going to write about?
  • Why would people want to read what my opinion is on a specific matter?
  • Why on earth would I want to make some of my opinions and deep thoughts (42) public?
  • At the end does it really matter what I think?

There are quite a few more, but that’s not really important. What is important, is that no one should feel bad about expressing his thoughts, it matters little if they are unconventional and widely frowned upon, we have a right and a need to free ourselves of self imposed and sometimes psychological impositions, and speak our minds freely.

Since the start of our life we are told what to say and how to say it, and this needs to stop, now of course I’m not the first one talking about this nor the last, but you see we all want to speak our minds, and that’s why blogging is so useful and popular because you can actually speak your mind without actually forcing others to listen – read – your thoughts on a subject.

There are how ever quite a few people that take offense with what one say and they have a right to tell you the same, and that’s fine you have the right to disregard or apologize if you feel incline to do so, but still the principle of true freedom is present.

So what does all this has to do with me not being a good blogger? It’s very simple, all of the above is what I feel, or felt until now.

Now it’s simple if you don’t like what I say that is good, you shouldn’t like or agree with what I say, make a civil comment and we can discuss it, otherwise I don’t care and will ignore you etc.

This post is long enough so let me quote Douglas Adams – “So long and thanks for all the fish…” – and with that I enter a new phase in my life.


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