To release or not to release that is the question.

There is a trend going on in the software engineering camp, and that is that most people don’t know how to make a major release. The problem goes like this, I made this cool software and it’s “feature complete” (what ever that means). so I make my 1.0 release, two days later they make release 1.1 (he added or changed one of the features).

The problem with this is that most programmers — ahem developers are to much in a hurry to put their work out in the real world.

Well let me tell you the “I hacked this in a few hours, uh look at me” is not good enough, make a damn plan! Design the damn thing, and for God’s sake make a schedule so that your users — the ones interested enough or fellow developers will know when and what is going on.

I know a good friend will say “but what about SCM” they are not a substitute for a well planed schedule with milestones and what not, so please those of you who have software out in the real world do all of us a favor, and work on it, hacking is cool, but if you are serious, and want to be taken seriously act seriously and professionally.


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