No Rules, Just Right?

This is my response to the following statement made by my friend Tamgo.

I think I understand what you are trying to say, but I feel you are mixing two different philosophical principles–That of freedom of thinking and physical liberties. While I do agree that we are prisoners of our own mind, and by that of the establishment.

Education or re-education is a very difficult and may be a utopian concept, all we can do is try to help the coming generation to be free thinkers, now the question is are we really prepare for the changes a free thinking world will bring? Fear of change can be traced back to the first humans to walk the earth. Breaking with religious thought (Yes I know you don’t mention that directly but it is implicit) or believes is not something trivial or easy.

You see my reader, we human beings are a product of an infinite number of situations, arrangements and evolution that we consciously of subconsciously had to endure, we are adapting every day, and while I do agree we have come a long way, we have lost sight of what our fore fathers were trying to acomplish, I like to think that we will get back in course before it’s to late.

Rules are a part of the universe, and when those rules are broken, things happen, whether those things are bad or good, it will take time to determine. We inside ourselves have the power to change our world, and by that the world of those that surround us, but for that we have to realize and not just that but embrace two principles:

  • Every single organism in this planet is important, and affects our world, both physically, spiritually, and consciousness.
  • We need to change our way of thinking, to change the way we live (Bible quote from the letters of Paul).

When we embrace those two principles then we will be truly free.


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