Last Exile Continued

As per my last post, I talked about Last Exile, at that time I had only watched the first 4 episodes, this weekend I watched all 26 of them, and I have to say this is a work of art!

The characters were hand painted by Range Murata, I’m a fan of Murata’s work–it is because of his paintings that I found my way to last exile–he’s only worked on two anime movies, Last Exile, and Blue Submarined No.6. I haven’t had a chance to watch Blue Submarine No.6 but I do intend to rectify that ASAP.

The graphic design is the best I’ve seen, the story is very well done, it has everything a good story should have, there are different POV’s (Point of Views),–which is a given in any well written story– each POV was very well done and defined without spoiling the story, and what impressed me the most it’s that everything just flowed.

Most anime series/movies, with very few exceptions tend to get lost in the details, and the story just crumble, then the really awful fillers come in to play, –like in Neon Genesis Evangelion don’t get me wrong is a good series, but the existentialist dilema of all the main characters (and I do mean all) was very stressful especially at the end, the last two episodes are just well horrible, they try to use those episodes to shed light on the main characters, but they really made a mess of it– this not found in Last Exile, everything is neatly in place and well outlined.

I would highly recommend this series to anyone, whether you like anime or not, this is a great series to watch. As for kids watching this series, I don’t recommend letting kids watch it, unless their is some parental guidance,  there are a few scenes that can be disturbing to some people, but there is no excess anywhere, everything is really artistically framed.


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