Chopin and Mortality

For those of you who don’t know who was Fryderyk Chopin.

I’ve been listening, and studying Chopin scores for many years now, as part of the courses I teach: Analysis and Composition. On a more personal level, listening to Sonata No.2 in Bb minor, Op. 35 my brain started digesting the music, I couldn’t but feel compell to think of my life, and what I have done up to now, and what I still need or wish to do.

Listening to Chopin’s music is very comforting –that is correct, I don’t relate his music to tragedy– there is none the less, hints of sadness, and frustration.

Leading the life he did, in the circumstances in which he had to; it just has to come through the music. I admire that Chopin is genuine, his soul, his being is in every note, and with every phrase you get closer to his emotions, his life.

I understand that we are very fragile beings, and death is our shadow on every step we take. It is said, that you pass on when God decides that it’s time for you to move on; I do not know. I just know that most of us are not ready to face it, and when something happens that makes you realize how close you are to it, one tends to panic.

It so happens that such realization came to me a few months ago, and I’ve been living with it in silence for a while now –more so because I still don’t know how close I’m to it but I do know this. I want to go with very nothing left to do, no regrets, nothing unsaid.


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