Faith, it’s not dependent, or limited to religion.

It is a complete and free entity, capable of being exercised with out the need of religion, or facts.

When we talk about faith,‭ ‬be it conscious or not,‭ the word‬:‭ “‬religion‭” creeps in;‬ ‭religion, is a human endeavour, and to some, is the basis of faith.

I believe, that faith is a vital part of human nature, it is tightly coupled with our being, however, it is not our creation, it’s a quality that we all posses.

Faith, is one of the cornerstones of humanity, it is an essential part of free will; without faith the human life, is void of hope and meaning.

There is often confusion between faith and hope; to some the difference are very clear and distinct, to others it’s just a blur. I think faith and hope, are related; related because hope is a emotional state that feeds on faith.

Religion, with out faith, is myth. History, has shown us, how people have migrated from one belief system to another. How complete religious foundations have disappear, and in all cases, people stopped believing in one thing, to believe in the other.

Faith, is “Believing”; believing in someone –yourself perhaps–; in something –a object that brings you luck. It matters little if you believe in: God, science, fairy’s or what not. What matters, is that, one way or the other you “believe”.


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