To Gmail or not to Gmail, that is the question

I have a mostly hate relationship with gmail, the only things I love –like is the more accurate term– is the storage, and the free pop3, that’s it. I know, gmail is the best web email client around right now, I know they have done much better than their competition, but they are not better than an email desktop client.

In my case my email client is mutt, I’ve been using it for so long I don’t remember. I pair it with procmail, I’m in email heaven.

So why do I use gmail? The answer is simple and yet complex; where I live the bandwidth is very limited, and expensive. There is an issue with blackouts, yes we get a couple of hours of blackouts daily, so I can’t host my own blog, and email, even though I own a more than capable server. So, in my case there is no way around it, I use gmail pop3 service, and very rarely do I login to the website.

I hear you saying, no, gmail is more than that, you get the ability to search your emails by different search criterias, and you have labels, that are so much better to the stupid mail folders, and filter rules. I can search for email in mutt, just as you do it in gmail, even better, I can implement my own search application and call it from within mutt, and I like having mail folders. I do think labels are a very good idea, and make navigating and handling email easier in gmail, but I don’t miss them at all when using mutt.

So, you are a google hater then? Nope. I’m not a google hater, in fact, I quite like google reader, I use it a lot, go figure. I also like google groups, and google search of course. I do think google is, a dangerous proposition when it comes to privacy (yes, I’m paranoid). I don’t care much for the archiving they do of my emails, but right now it’s a trade off I have to live with.

So there, that’s why I’m not a “gmail is the gratest thing since slice bread” proponent, and see google as whole, with mild trepidation.


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